dr. troy & dr. mcnamara head to hollywood!

oh my goodness!!! spoiler alert! dudes! i just finished watching the season finale of nip/tuck and hot damn i was so impressed! i tried to shy away from reading anything about the last episode of the 4th season – lordy it kicked ass! a bunch of storylines got wrapped up neatly (the lady who played escobar’s wife was so fucking fierce – her name is idalis deleon) the best part was towards the end when the cast lip-synced the song brighter discontent by the submarines…the very beautiful yet haunting song fit so well into the episode – it was brilliant – oh my gosh! series creator ryan murphy is a genius! look at me – i’m all freaking out and it’s really time to go to bed – but who can sleep?!?

i also was wondering how the show would lead into its fifth season – and it looks like dr. troy (played by the delicious julian macmahon) and dr. mcnamara (the lovely dylan walsh) are relocating from miami to hollywood! they’re going to be my neighbors! what a smart move – invigorating the show by moving it to another locale as it heads into another season – oh it all makes perfect sense! who else watched the show and agrees with me? although this season started off with a whimper it ended with a bang – i’m so psyched for the next season of nip/tuck although i’m sure it’ll be a few months wait – i’ll keep y’all posted! popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo!

The song “Brighter Discontent” by the Los Angeles-based Nettwerk recording artist The Submarines will be featured in the much-anticipated season finale of the FX hit series nip/tuck on Tuesday, December 12 at 10 PM ET/PT. Instead of dialogue, the cast will lip-sync the entire 4-minute, 30-second song, as the lyrics strongly reflect what their characters are experiencing.

Lip-syncing cast members include Dylan Walsh (as “Dr. Sean McNamara”), Julian McMahon (as “Dr. Christian Troy”), John Hensley (as “Matt McNamara”), Roma Maffia (as “Dr. Liz Cruz”), Kelly Carlson (as “Kimber Henry”) and Sanaa Lathan (as “Michelle Landau”).

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