drug dealer to the stars tells all!

hey kids! oh there’s sad news tonight being broken by national enquirer – it sounds like farrah fawcett‘s cancer is back (the story just got posted on the tabloid’s website) farrah is always kinda wacky & crazy side of things but i do like to think she’s got a good heart and hopefully she’ll be able to overcome this latest health hurdle!

the main cover story is much more fun…supposedly some hollywood fancy ass drug dealer dished on a bunch of their celebrity clients! oh my word – people need to be way careful where they get their drugs from – dealers will totally sell you down the river! (omg – i have a great story that one time i will post here on popbytes – it’s a good one!) i’m not going to lie – i do enjoy to take a toke of pot once in a while (being stoned is fun & relaxing!) it should be legalized but in the united states we’ll see pigs will fly first – it’ll never happen! (at least not in our lifetimes…)

there’s also a story about ricki lake‘s amazing weight loss (down to 127lbs – lighter than myself – i’m around 135!) i don’t know how the hell she did it but damn girlfriend looks good! finally there’s something on the late steve irwin‘s wife terri who apparently collapsed after seeing the ‘death tape’ – does anyone else agree with me that the picture used on the cover is a superimposition of two separate photos? i still can’t believe the ‘crocodile hunter’ is dead – gosh i hate sad things! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

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