duffy train running – mashup!

good morning! i was so excited when i discovered this week’s mashup selection from DJ paul v. involved one of my favorite up & coming singers duffy (who i just posted about the other day) i’d love to see her make it big here in the states – her hit single mercy is starting to get some good buzz on and next month duffy’s incredible debut album rockferry will be released in the US on may 13th – she’s just getting started – please keep your eyes on her! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

This week we showcase some white folks who have lots of soul. The first were the boys from the 70’s, The Doobie Brothers. ‘Long Train Running’ is a funky classic rock hit for sure, and on the other end of the spectrum is UK newcomer Duffy (who I adore!) She’s already blowing up in England and just now seeing her buzz hit the states in a big way. Her ‘Mercy’ is a fabulous slice of retro boogaloo. This mashup was made by newcomer DJY Alias JY, who took the excellent Duffy remix by Dunproofin (which you should get too) and gets the locomotion chugging by mashing in the Doobies. Spark it up!

Listen to DJY Alias JY – Duffy Train Running [.mp3 9.8mb]

Enjoy! – DJ Paul V.

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