Dwayne Johnson: The top-grossing actor of 2013!

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson

There are literally only two weeks left in the year — I know, how weird is that? — so Forbes decided to put together a list of the highest-grossing actors and actresses of the year. And in case you somehow managed to make your way onto this post without reading the title yet somehow clicking on it … Dwayne Johnson. Yes, The Rock is the most bankable actor in Hollywood.

  1. Dwayne Johnson – $1.3 Billion
  2. Robert Downey Jr. – $1.2 Billion
  3. Steve Carell – $964 Million
  4. Vin Diesel – $887 Million
  5. Sandra Bullock – $862 Million
  6. Paul Walker – $789 Million
  7. Billy Crystal – $743 Million
  8. John Goodman – $743 Million
  9. Chris Hemsworth – $701 Million
  10. Jennifer Lawrence – $700 Million

So basically, the take away here is that The Fast and The Furious franchise made a ton of money, and Paul Walker will be missed. To be honest, the list might be just a tiny bit flawed, since almost everyone on it is there for the same handful of films. As I said, FF got three of them on the list, Monsters University got Billy Crystal and John Goodman up there … although I am perfectly happy with Dwayne as #1. The guy is totally charming, super hot, and a pretty decent actor that elevates most of the material he’s given.


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