emmy awards ’06 – live blogging!


hey hey! oh my word – the red carpet arrivals are starting on both E! with ryan seacrest & TV guide channel with joan & melissa rivers…i’m gonna flip back & forth a bit! thanks to gossip rocks for the pictures…

i’ve been so nervous to do this – i’ve been crazy busy trying to do a bit of cleaning – getting rid of a whole bunch of crap that’s been accumulated in the past few years – don’t forget next weekend is the LA blogger garage sale!

anyways i will try to provide some wit & commentary over the next few hours – so make sure to keep checking in – it is a total bummer that the show is on west coast delay but what can i do? and if anyone else out there has something to say – email me or post a comment on this post and we can work it in here! i’ll be back in a minute – time to pour myself a glass of wine…


looks like tonight will mark ms. joan rivers 1000th interview on the red carpet – who will it be?!? gosh she is always out of control – the awards are over at the shrine auditorium…gosh she has been going on for like 10 minutes – let’s get to the celebs joan – i’m gonna switch over to E!…


my goodness – did you all get a look at morgan fairchild‘s boobs? damn they’re outta control! and sandra oh has way too much jewelry on – i love her but she’s a bit wacky…


jessica walter is amazing! gosh i do miss that arrested development – joan just interviewed her – she is #983 – only a few more to 1000…enough with the mel gibson jokes – it’s so tired


ryan is with joel mchale from comedy central’s ‘daily soup’ – which is a great show – i always forget it’s on – so i need to get more on top of that…it’s a bit confusing to switch back & forth – both channels seems to be doing commercials at the same time!


i love chandra wilson from my dear grey’s anatomy which i have been a huge fan of since it premiered – i’m a little concerned about it moving to thursdays this fall – it is a great show and i hope it picks up some awards tonight!


amy poehler and husband will arnett were just with ryan – what a funny couple those two are – i bet they are blast to hang out with – i hope will nabs the award for his amazing work on arrested development – i have a feeling though that jeremy piven will win – and i’m ok with that – i do adore my ‘ari gold’ as well!


joan was just with the lovely cheryl hines all dressed in purple – that’s another fave show of mine that took me a little time to get into but once i did…now i can’t miss curb your enthusiasmlarry david is amazing!


quick picture update – i’m trying to keep up!


joan is with howie mandel – oh that ‘deal or no deal’ – oh look it’s kathy griffin who looks great! fingers crossed for her to win as well…sandra oh is discussing her jewelry over on E! – way too much! portia dirossi is running down the carpet – i don’t see her girlfriend ellen degeneres anywhere?


oh it’s leah remini with ryan! he needs to hit her up for more info on suri cruise! and yes scientologists wear versace too! oh my word he IS asking her about suri – oh this is a bit uncomfortable…i loved the whole did you see it? and she is all i like to call ‘it’ a her…i doubt these two are going to be hanging out anytime soon…


picture update! morgan’s boobs are crazy!


maybe seal can get back to making music if he stops making babies with heidi klum for a bit – i love them both and seal does have an amazing voice – and he is due for a kick-ass comeback album – and as for ms. klum…project runway is quickly becoming my favorite reality show – i love jeffrey and i’m glad he was mean to angela’s mother – i would have been too! ugh i can’t stand angela OR her mother! oh my daddy patrick dempsey is in the house – gosh he is a delicously sexy guy! grrrr!


more pics!


lisa kudrow is with ryan! she has had seven previous emmy nominations! oh i love hearing her talk about ‘the comeback’ – she looks great! oh i hope it’s her night! even if she doesn’t win – she was still nominated and maybe someday we will see that valerie cherish character again! i seem to be stuck on E! i’m gonna flip to joan…


although i prefer the banter of the rivers – it seems E! has better coverage as far as getting the people i want to see (along with everyone else) i think this will be easier to keep track of once the show starts – this channel switching is driving me a bit loopy!


katherine heigl vs tyra banks (best & worst)


megan mullally is great – she looks hot and she is very talented – it’s crazy so many of the shows nominated are not even on the air anymore! i’ll be back in a few – i gotta walk the dogs for a few minutes!


i’m back! i made the dogs do their business quickly daddy has to blog the emmys – hurry up! anyways ellen pompeo wins for worst hair – it’s not flattering how it is all pulled back – i no likey! gosh i love kathy griffin – so funny they made references to her no longer being on E! – speaking of no longer being on E! – where is that star jones? maybe eating bon-bons somewhere far far away…


the show starts in a second – here is the last round of red carpet pics – and now i see paula abdul – she so ties with tyra banks for worst dressed! i’m switching over to NBC now…


here we go with the show – conan o’brien is hosting – i do try and catch his late night show – he should keep things lively – i love these opening bit type things – with him on ‘lost’ and now ‘the office’…


i loved his joke about ellen burstyn being nominated for her 14-second appearance in ‘mrs. harris’ – i love ms. burstyn (you gotta see ‘requiem for a dream’ if you haven’t) but it’s pretty ludicrous that she was nominated – 14 seconds??? come on – that is such a fucking joke!


let me repeat myself – i love patrick dempsey – ok first award of the evening is up at bat…gosh ellen pompeo‘s hair is terrible!

Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Comedy Series

Cheryl Hines – Curb Your Enthusiasm

Alfre Woodard – Desperate Housewives

Jaime Pressly – My Name is Earl

Elizabeth Perkins – Weeds

Megan Mullally – Will & Grace (WINNER!)


second award – lordy they are coming fast & furious! thank heavens for a commercial break!

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series

William Shatner – Boston Legal

Oliver Platt – Huff

Michael Imperioli – The Sopranos

Gregory Itzin – 24

Alan Alda – The West Wing (WINNER!)


god bless bob newhart – i loved that whole bit about if the emmys run over three hours – he will die – very clever and quite funny! oh looks it’s charlie & martin sheen – i wonder what denise richards is up to? oh look gwynnie paltrow’s mom won! i was rooting for ms. wilson but blythe is so talented too…

Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series

Candice Bergen – Boston Legal

Sandra Oh – Grey’s Anatomy

Chandra Wilson – Grey’s Anatomy

Blythe Danner – Huff (WINNER)

Jean Smart – 24


i’m so glad jeremy piven won for ‘entourage’ – that show has really gotten better since it first aired – and i think the character of ‘ari gold’ had a lot to do with that – gosh can i just say this is getting hard to keep up with! it seems to be moving at breakneck speed – i will try and keep up best i can!

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Comedy Series

Will Arnett – Arrested Development

Jeremy Piven – Entourage (WINNER)

Bryan Cranston – Malcolm in the Middle

Jon Cryer – Two and a Half Men

Sean Hayes – Will & Grace


this show is kinda boring…i didn’t see ‘the girl in the café’ – did you?

Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Miniseries Or A Movie

Kelly Macdonald – The Girl In The Café (WINNER)

Shirley Jones – Hidden Places

Ellen Burstyn – Mrs. Harris

Cloris Leachman – Mrs. Harris

Alfre Woodard – The Water is Wide


heidi klum looks cute – for some reason she just cracks me up…’the daily show’ is great – jon stewart does rock! i actually enjoy all of the nominees this year!

Outstanding Variety, Music Or Comedy Series

The Colbert Report, Comedy Central

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, Comedy Central (WINNER)

Late Night With Conan O’Brien, NBC

Late Show With David Letterman, CBS

Real Time With Bill Maher, HBO


oh man – i’m so bummed that MPK lost…so wrong! he was robbed – screw earl! gosh and that show won for writing too – ugh! i think i need to order pizza soon – this is like a total bore-fest but i’m gonna keep on going until the end…

Outstanding Directing For A Comedy Series

The Comeback, Valerie Does Another Classic Leno Michael Patrick King, Director

Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Christ Nail Robert B. Weide, Director

Entourage, Oh, Mandy Dan Attias, Director

Entourage, Sundance Kids Julian Farino, Director

My Name Is Earl, Pilot Marc Buckland, Director (WINNER)

Weeds, Good S*** Lollipop, Craig Zisk, Director

Outstanding Writing For A Comedy Series

Arrested Development, Development Arrested, Chuck Tatham

Entourage, Exodus, Doug Ellin

Extras, Kate Winslet, Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant

My Name Is Earl, Pilot, Greg Garcia (WINNER)

The Office, Christmas Party, Michael Schur


dick clark is still alive right? doesn’t this tribute seems like he is dead? anyways there is like two more hours of this – i am growing so restless – simon cowell is so funny with his glasses on – oh look there is mr. clark in the flesh – oh bless his heart…


oh my mom should be happy – she loves barry manilow – gosh i can only take him in very small doses just like my dad…i’ll say that moment with dick clark was probably the best of the evening – he is such a legend!


tina fey rocks! right alongside tracy morgan – i hope this upcoming season of SNL can weather the storm of losing some great people…gosh isn’t it fishy that he just performed and now mr. manilow wins?

Outstanding Individual Performance In A Variety Or Music Program

Barry Manilow – Barry Manilow: Music And Passion (WINNER)

Stephen Colbert, Host – The Colbert Report

Craig Ferguson, Host – The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

David Letterman, Host – Late Night with David Letterman

Hugh Jackman, Host – The 59th Annual Tony Awards (2005)


evangeline lily looks so pretty and wentworth miller is beyond adorable – loved that shaved head of his – even though i don’t watch ‘prison break’

Outstanding Directing For A Drama Series

Big Love, Pilot Rodrigo Garcia, Director

Lost, Live Together, Die Alone Jack Bender, Director

Six Feet Under, Everyone’s Waiting Alan Ball, Director

The Sopranos, Members Only Tim Van Patten, Director

The Sopranos, Join The Club David Nutter, Director

24, 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM Jon Cassar, Director (WINNER)

The West Wing, Election Day Mimi Leder, Director


boring – the awards carry on – i’m gonna call for my pizza now!

Outstanding Writing For A Drama Series

Grey’s Anatomy, It’s the End Of The World, As We Know It (Part 1 & 2) Shonda Rhimes

Grey’s Anatomy, Into You Like A Train Krista Vernoff

Lost, The 23rd Psalm Carlton Cuse, Written by; Damon Lindelof

Six Feet Under, Everyone’s Waiting Alan Ball

The Sopranos, Members Only Terence Winter (WINNER)


i’m actually starting to be sorry i started this – i have so much other shit to do – this is beyond boring!

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Miniseries Or A Movie

Denis Lawson – Bleak House

Hugh Dancy – Elizabeth I

Jeremy Irons – Elizabeth I (WINNER)

Robert Carlyle – Human Trafficking

Clifton Collins, Jr. – Thief

Outstanding Directing For A Variety, Music Or Comedy Program

78th Annual Academy Awards Louis J. Horvitz (WINNER)

American Idol, Finale Bruce Gowers

The Colbert Report, Episode #110 Jim Hoskinson

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, Episode #10140 Chuck O’Neil

Saturday Night Live, Host: Steve Martin Beth McCarthy Miller

Outstanding Writing For A Variety, Music Or Comedy Program

The Colbert Report

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart (WINNER)

Late Night With Conan O’Brien

Late Show With David Letterman

Real Time With Bill Maher


i’m sorry but i think i’m just done with this for tonight…i already know that lisa kudrow lost tonight – what a shame…screw julia louis-dreyfus! i do like her but now she is forever the girl who beat valerie cherish! this whole situation has put me in a really foul mood…the awards are as boring as watching paint dry! gosh i need to eat – pizza is coming soon – and i need to get a handle on what is going on tomorrow – so sadly i’m over & out for tonight – i was kinda excited for the emmys but right now – i can barely stand to watch it or blog it! tomorrow is a new day & i will be up and running – so no worries! gosh i feel better already – if i had to sit here and do this for another hour and twenty minutes – i certainly would do myself in!

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