Everyone hates Jersey Shore’s Angelina!

No, not that Angelina. The D-List one on Jersey Shore with no talent. Yeah, that’s the bitch. Anyway, she of the incessant bitchiness and weird clingy nature is going on record saying that MTV was being super unfair to her and that she doesn’t understand why everyone on the show hates her, despite being kind of a total douchebag. Hmmm … Maybe it’s just you?

Another time, she adds, “I found olive oil and grated cheese all over my bed. I picked up my comforter, and it was on my sheets, my pillow. It was yellow and I thought Mike pissed on my bed. It bothers me hearing the names they call me, and that it looks like I’m the backstabber,” she tells Us. “My head is really f–ked up; I see a therapist, I cry a lot. It’s probably going to take me a year to get over this. My mom got bleeding ulcers from the stress — it’s hard to watch her daughter go through what I did.” SOURCE

Yes, it’s time again to pull out the patented Popbytes Bullshit-to-Actual-Human-Speak translator! Let me just set this to Fame-Whoring Guidette, aaaaaand … there!

“I went onto a show with a bunch of crazy stereotypes and decided to stick out by being the biggest bitch there. Clearly, I should have seen this one coming. This is obviously partially my fault, but I’m just going to blame everyone else because responsibility is for suckers. It’s going to take me a year to get over this, or $50,000 from MTV. Actually, I’ll just take the money. Fake tits don’t pay for themselves!”

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