faith evans – the first lady

hey kids! oh monday monday! i am enjoying the longer daylight hours! so much better! i had to mention this latest fourth album (due in stores tomorrow april 5th) from ms. faith evans – the first lady – a true & tested queen of R&B/soul/hip-hop – and what a voice the lady doth have – and she is gorgeous – and i hate to say this (popbytes doesnt like to be mean but sometimes i am!) – but the albums kicks mariah carey’s latest effort the emancipation of mimi (due in stores april 12th) in its ass – this album by faith is so so solid – it flows and grooves – i love the difference between what i consider to be a complete album vs a ‘poor collection of songs’ – faith has an album on her hands – i have it on the stereo now! – and i’m totally digging it – the mariah has some good moments – but as a whole – it’s a total disappointment – and a poor collection of songs vs an album – i don’t know what the gal thought she got ’emancipated’ from – but oh that mariah is still shackled in chains – so sorry honey – i had hope for you but i still love ya’ mimi…so anyways honestly folks – if you find yourself torn between choosing one hot lady of soul release – faith evans is so the way to go – look at the gorgeous album cover below! popbytes out for now! xxoo!

This is Faith Evan’s time. You can see it in her toned physique, sense it in her confident manner and hear it on her fourth CD (and debut on Capitol Records) The First Lady. Featuring songs written and arranged by Faith, and production from the Neptunes, Chucky Thompson, Mario Winans, Brian Cox, Jermaine Dupri and Carvin and Ivan, The First Lady is the platinum selling, Grammy winning Faith Evans, as you’ve never experienced her. Direct. Dramatic. Playful. Passionate. Rich with wisdom, sexy, and brimming with an undeniable passion. 10 years into a career that’s had its share of tribulations and triumph, The First Lady is the record Faith was born to create.

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