Fake Michael Jackson tracks on the way?

In life and now in death, controversy continues to always surround Michael Jackson … apparently Sony is set to release a new MJ album (just in time for the holidays) from recordings Michael left behind. Sources are now telling TMZ that members of the Jackson clan (including two of his children, Paris and Prince) are claiming some of the songs are actually fake! A lawyer for MJ’s estate says he had experts listen and all of them concluded the tracks are indeed legit, now I’m very curious to hear the album for myself! Sadly, I feel like it’s going to be terrible, full of haphazardly tossed together half-baked tracks that perhaps Michael never really intended to be released (supposedly recorded back in 2007), yet of course there is lots of money to be made – nobody is going to turn down that – the Jackson family included!

The Michael Jackson album Sony is about to release is a fraud, according to members of Michael Jackson’s family. We’ve learned Sony is determined to release the album for Christmas, and believes the songs are all authentic. We’re told MJ and his kids were in New Jersey when he recorded the tracks with producers in 2007. Sources tell us Paris and Prince now believe some of the songs on the album are fakes — not Michael’s voice. Sony, we’re told, is convinced all of the songs are the real deal. Howard Weitzman, lawyer for the estate, tells TMZ he had experts listen to the tracks and all of the experts concluded it’s Michael’s voice on all the tracks. Other Jackson family members also believe some of the tracks are phony. There is a stalemate, although at this point no one is talking lawsuit. SOURCE

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