famous pairs – anna and j. howard

hey y’all – so glad we made it mid-week – tomorrow and friday should be easy breezy (beautiful!) – so i wanted to mention this little book to you guys – a colleague (plus a great ‘pop’ guy all around) of mine’s wife co-authored this amazing photo book – fabulously titled famous pairs – it’s a great photographic send-up of famous ‘pairs’ posed as actual pears! so when i got my ‘press kit’ (i love this kinda stuff!) – i was blown away – it was this darling small fruit crate packed with the book and two actual pears – how yummy – popbytes loves pears (especially when combined with delicious gorgonzola cheese!) – and the book itself is just darling and oh so clever – and with all the current anna nicole smith hoopla concerning her impending date with the supreme court – i thought the example pictured below to be very ‘in the now’ – so enjoy and please check out their website over at famouspairs.com and pick yourself up one – or even a ‘pair’ – a perfectly ‘pearish’ gift! popbytes out for now…xxoo

THEY’RE EVERYWHERE. They’re in our art, our music, sports, pop culture, and politics. They fill the pages of great literature such as Shakespeare, the Bible, and People magazine. And they’ve helped create some of the best scandals since the beginning of time.

Now stemming from a pair of clever (but decidedly twisted) minds comes Famous Pairs: a deliciously absurd collection of portraits celebrating some of history’s most noteworthy twosomes. From Adam and Eve, to Bonnie and Clyde, to Bill Clinton and you-know-who, you’ve never seen couples captured in quite the same way.

So laugh and point and remember with the turn of each page why some of our favorite pairs are sweet, some are juicy, and more than a few are just plain tasteless. EAT UP.

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