‘fantastic 4’ on the 4th!

so i stayed in hollywood on the 4th – and did have a great day – i was driving back from the laurel canyon dog park – this dog park is a must if you have a dog and your in LA – we actually went twice today – it’s all very chill – and the dogs simply love it! parker and fidel had loads of holiday 4th fun – but i am digressing – i am driving and i notice a bit of sky writing going on (who doesn’t love sky writing?) – at start was a big circle – and then i realized what it would soon be – the plane wrote the logo for fantastic 4 which hits theaters this friday – the logo held for a bit – but by the time i got the camera at home – it was long gone – but what a great keen promotion to witness – it went quite perfectly for the 4th! plus the movie looks very decent – and besides it has my dear julian mcmahon (who can wait for the third season of my top show nip/tuck??? not me! bring it on!) and chris evans who plays the ‘human torch’ flame below is damn hot – i am melting! what a cutie! ok pobytes out for now – i can’t even deal with the thought of work tomorrow :(

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