Farrah Abraham’s ex called her a bad mother

Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham

VH1’s Couples Therapy tries to spin itself as a show that helps d-list celebrities change the negative parts of their personality, except so far all the terrible people who went on the show left just as terrible as they started so … it’s not working. Like Farrah Abraham, who thus far hasn’t really bettered herself in anyway. But at least in the latest episode, her ex came in and told her she was a bad mother. So that’s something. RadarOnline reports …

Daniel Alvarez, who had dated Farrah during her Teen Mom days, appeared on the show to tell the reality star what she needed to change about herself. Alvarez sat down with Farrah and Couples Therapy therapist Dr. Jenn Berman on the episode, and didn’t hold back, advising the reality star to “be honest, true with herself, and to be, foremost, the best mother she can be. “She should make better decisions in raising Sophia. Set a better example for Sophia. That’s my honest opinion.”

He then added, “Also, you’re a delusional narcissist and a pathological liar. You play the victim card every opportunity you get so that you never have to take responsibility for your actions, even though your actions have brought a child into this world and she desperately needs you to BE responsible. You are literally an amalgamation of everything wrong with America’s addiction to fame and the millennial generation. I hope a wyvern throws you into the sun. Also, how do you not know the difference between a sex tape and a porno? There’s no way anyone’s that dumb.”

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