Farrah Abraham strikes again with her lies!

Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham

I’m sure this is going to absolutely blow your mind, but Farrah Abraham opened her bear-trap of a mouth and lies came out. I know, I’m amazed too. This time, Farrah reportedly lied about her fake boyfriend (Brian Dawe) having a mental breakdown, which is why he bailed on her and Couples Therapy. Of course, it could just be that what she planned for them was immoral and no one would ever want to be around her for more than a few seconds, but no. Mental breakdown. That works too.

After Dawe told producers of VH1’s Couples Therapy that they’d been scamming them all along, they offered to double his salary. But the Orlando-based deejay stood his ground and told producers he wouldn’t film a fake relationship. “My client’s decision was based solely on his lack of comfort, on a moral level, with the portrayal of his involvement with Ms. Abrahams, as has already been well documented in the media. In fact, my client is very much at peace with his decision not to be involved in this project,” Rainey added. “My client is in good mental health. Any statement that he had a mental breakdown is completely fabricated by Ms. Abrahams, and we are looking into pursuing this matter through the appropriate legal mechanisms.” SOURCE

Well, the good thing is that she’s such a bad liar that she makes it a f*ck of a lot easier to call her out on them. She must be a prosecutor’s dream.

Prosecutor: Ms. Abraham, did you lie to get ahead?
Farrah: Well, technically I did, but it’s illegal to sue me because George Washington said so. He wrote about it in the Emancipation Proctologist.
Prosecutor: Aaaaaaaaaaand I won my case!

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