Farrah Abraham’s hilariously awful music video

About a week or so ago, Farrah Abaraham (from MTV’s Teen Mom) unleashed “On My Own” one of the most dreadfully awful songs ever, which we didn’t post because that would be a hate crime, and we’re not hate criminals. However, I cannot resist unintentional comedy, Farrah’s new music video is LOADED WITH IT. Seriously, every part of this fails in ways incomprehensible to the human mind. It looks like it was recorded on an iPhone, and for some reason it features her kid playing around on her baby daddy Derek Underwood‘s grave, who is, to be perfectly honest, the lucky one in all of this. Plus she does the whole “Woe is me” bit, which is hilarious because MTV paid her thousands of dollars, bought her new boobs, and raised her kid for her, all because she’s too stupid to wear a condom.

Farrah Abraham

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