Coming Soon: ‘FEARce’ hosted by Sharon Needles!

Sharon Needles

The other day, I actually got around to watching Elvira, Mistress of the Dark on DVD for the first time, and I LOVED it. LOVED. IT. It’s a total shame that we haven’t had a show that celebrates cheesy b-list horror movies, like Mystery Science Theatre 3000 or the aforementioned Elvira. But good news! Sharon Needles is getting her own show on Logo called FEARce! where she’ll be showing classically bad flicks and gracing us all with her spooky beauty! YAY! From NewNowNext

Beginning Thursday, Nov. 1, the season four winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race will be back to haunt the Logo airwaves. Join the mistress of dark as she shares her favorite skin-crawlingly creepy flicks every Thursday night. With selections including Interview With a Vampire and Bride of Chucky, these flicks are sure to make your spine tingle. Logo will also be launching the series with a Sharon Needles FEARCEFest on Oct. 28 and a Sharon Needles Halloween FEARCEFest on Oct. 31 — Sharon’s favorite day.

BEST. NEWS. EVER. We all knew that Sharon would be getting her own show, and I’m happy that she’s going to be doing something campy and spooky. That being said, now we need to give her her own movie. SIX SEASONS AND A MOVIE! (Hey, it worked for Community …)

Sharon Needles

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