feel good roboto (gorillaz vs styx)

good morning! ok so last night i was dancing on a chair – and trust me right now there’s no dancing going on over here…i’m feeling ok but a few more hours of sleep would do me right but alas i need to carry on and deal with today! one thing thats helping me perk up this morning is DJ paul v.‘s latest mashup selection – gorillaz is one of my favorite bands – and their song ‘feel good’ mashes perfectly together with ‘mr. roboto’ – check it out below while i go take two aspirin! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

OK kids, strap yourself in for some major cheese and a big smile. What do you get when you mix a 2K’s cartoon band (Gorillaz) with an 80’s hit-making machine who thought recording a concept album would be a good idea? Well, someone out there did, because ‘Mr. Roboto’ from Styx reached #3 on the charts back in 1984 and it remains a pseudo kitsch classic. Props to Seattle DJ Victor Menegaux for this excellent future-retro grin.

listen to Victor Menegaux- Feel Good Roboto [.mp3 7.4mb]

Enjoy! – DJ Paul V.

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