FilmBytes: Michelle Williams is awesome!

Did you know back when you were watching Dawson’s Creek that Michelle Williams would one day leave all her co-stars in the dust, moving on to film stardom, an Oscar nomination (Brokeback Mountain), and predictable acclaim for each new movie? She’s won a level of respect within the industry that young actors dream of.

That respect and talent didn’t help Michelle with the MPAA, the board that rates movies, though. They slapped her next movie BLUE VALENTINE with the dreaded NC-17 rating. That means a lot of theaters will refuse to show it and it could run into advertising problems as well. I’ve seen the movie and there is no way in hell it deserved that rating … it’s a garden variety R picture with adult language and some limited nudity. Not that anyone under 17 would be that interested in seeing it anyway …

It’s a heavy marital drama but boy are Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams electric together in it, whether they’re just getting to know each other, fighting, parenting their young child, making love, whatever. The movie charts their whole relationship and it’s fantastic. They’re both good enough for second Oscar nominations (Ryan was one of the ten youngest best actor nominees of all-time for Half Nelson) but that would only happen if people see the movie. Damn the MPAA!

After Blue Valentine, Michelle is in another small art film called MEEK’S CUTOFF which is a western. She wears a bonnet throughout the movie, but even with her face have covered, there’s no mistaking her for anything other than a great actress. She’s currently filming the Marilyn Monroe themed picture MY WEEK WITH MARILYN. Naturally she’s playing Marilyn!

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