‘finding neverland’

with all this talk going on about the police raid of MJ’s ‘neverland’ ranch here in california (i never talk about him here on popbytes i just cant be bothered one way or another) – im going to ignore all that and tell you to see the latest johnny depp movie – finding neverland – its quite a well done film with strong performances with all involved including the return of the legendary beauty julie christie – based on actual events it spins the tale of how author JM Barrie came to write the classic childrens tale of the boy who never grew up – peter pan set in early 20th century london – its a heart-warming tale of the power of believing and how one talented artist came upon their greatest work that is still a classic one hundred years later – and i was able to catch this with my dear mom (aka my editor) after me and my brother forced her to see the incredibles which we all enjoyed but all agreed it was too long – it was great though – but finding neverland was just terrific and i was sure inspired to post something on it here!

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