First Look: Justin Bieber peeing into a cup

Justin Bieber

UPDATE: Here’s the sequel … Justin Bieber Peeing Into A Cup 2: Electric Boogaloo

Justin Bieber

All right, the latest jailhouse video of Justin Bieber is up on TMZ, and for the sake of those who can’t watch it. I’m just going to transcribe it action for action. Here we go …

Okay, so some tool wearing a tacky-ass sweater is sitting in the middle of the screen. Off to the far left, Justin Bieber is transported into some sort of cell? A cop walks in from stage right carrying a purse. He talks to the tool, and then exits stage right. The tool follows him. Absolutely nothing happens for a full minute, but to the left you can see a sliver of Justin Bieber hand off a cup full of pee to a police officer. The officer takes the cup of pee for a nice stroll, then returns to Justin Bieber. They both exit the cell. Justin Bieber takes a seat where the tool was sitting and the officer walks off towards the bottom of the screen. I silently contemplate how I am now two minutes closer to death.

F*ck you, Justin Bieber. F*ck you.

(This is NOT the video clip police are having trouble blurring. It’s a different camera angle of the same thing. SOURCE)


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