FitnessBytes: Blind Depp, Hot Henry + Healthy Hearts!

Johnny Depp

FitnessBytes with Wes Ferguson

Sure he’s hot, but did you know Johnny Depp is practically blind? That totally explains the whole Vanessa Paradis thing. The actor says: “Everything is just very burry. I’ve never had proper vision.” Without corrective lenses, he can only see a few inches in front of him. He also revealed (via Rolling Stone) that he doesn’t wear underwear. Blind as a bat and easy access? MY KIND OF HERO. He doesn’t let his poor vision stand in the way of looking good — see how The Lone Ranger star stays fit at 50 on my blog.

Johnny Depp

Want to see Man of Steel hottie Henry Cavill‘s workout? Oh, and you’d like him to be mostly shirtless, grunting and sweaty? DONE. Watch the video below.

After the sad unexpected passing of James Gandolfini at 51 last week, fans are worried they may be at risk for heart attack. Regular EXERCISE, proper SLEEP and a well balanced DIET are all ways to avoid heart health issues. It may sound boring, but you’ll be breathing!

James Gandolfini

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