FitnessBytes: Celeb Brain Test + Gaga Naked!

Lady Gaga

FitnessBytes with Wes Ferguson

We all have have a few people in our social circle who literally don’t know any celebrities by name – in fact a friend of mine asked who Zooey Deschanel was the other day WHILE WATCHING NEW GIRL. But it turns out that not recognizing celebrities could be a sign of something very bad in the brains. New research shows it may be an indication of early dementia. I presume the tests, which use using celebrity photos, accept character names as a sign of recognition, so my friend (“It’s Jess!”) is safe.

Lady Gaga continues to embrace nudity as she pimps out her new single “Applause” — making an appearance at the Abbey in West Hollywood just the other day; which sent my Facebook feed into HOLY GAY OVERDRIVE. Girl is looking good and making no apologies for flashing some skin (in V magazine) to sell herself. It’s the American way!

Lady Gaga

I would have actually liked to see Paula Deen on Dancing with the Stars, which she reportedly declined. It would have been a great success story — with a WEIGHT LOSS MAKEOVER — that could have given her a comeback. Another step in the wrong direction if you ask me, but maybe she needs to work on that whole being a racist (allegedly!) thing first. Dance floors have been fully integrated for some time.

Don’t expect Jennifer Garner to be in Alias shape again any time soon. Although she’s obviously extremely fit at 41, she tells Allure: “There were times I had to watch every calorie that went into my body,” said the mom of three. “Doing something like that again [is] not exactly on the top of my list.”

Jennifer Garner


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