FitnessBytes: Butt out!

Don’t be a butt head. If you want to stay looking fresh like Johnny Depp, kick the habit!

Johnny is one of many Hollywood elite cutting back and butting out; Ellen DeGeneres, Katherine Heigl, Drew Barrymore, Brad Pitt, Ewan McGregor, Christy Turlington, Vince Vaughn and even President Barack Obama are all finding ways to quit.

Katherine went high-tech using an electronic cigarette; Christy used acupuncture; the Prez chews on Nicorette; while Vince quit cold turkey.

The motivation? Many have reason to be around in the future. “[My kids were] the only thing that got me to quit,” Brad told W magazine. “That was it. Done.” Johnny also says he cut back for his kids; same with Ewan and others.

Unless you want wrinkles, yellow teeth and thinning hair, plus bad breath — AND CANCER — then put the ciggie down. Also, you reek!

Good luck with quitting, it’s a difficult road (as documented on my blog) but well worth it!

Butt out & stay beautiful! {w}

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