FitnessBytes: Conquer food cravings!

Maybe I’m sick in the head, but I’d “play nurse” with Dr. Mehmet Oz if he wanted to try something kinky. I’m a full-service freak; bring on the stethoscope!

Oprah Winfrey‘s favorite physician has three ways to conquer food cravings:
1. Never go hungry. Starvation is not a diet.

2. Practice self-soothing. Have something that serves as a daily reminder; anything from a step/calorie-counter, a bracelet you wear, to daily affirmations on post-it notes.

3. Eliminate & replace addictive foods. Empty all foods bins of junk food. Find healthy alternatives to fill your cabinets. When you’re only stocked with good stuff, chances are you’ll be eating better stuff!

See? TV can teach us things! Get more TV doc tips on my blog: Ten wives tales demystified.

Conquer food cravings & stay beautiful! {w}

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