FitnessBytes: Eat a damn sandwich!

Celebrity couple Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher might seem a bit boring in comparison to tabloid-worthy celebs doing rehab and making sex tapes, but she’s got a smoking slim frame and he’s a brute hockey stud — if they ever do make a sex tape, I’d watch! If YOU want to be lean and ripped, learn to separate fact from fiction.

I asked celeb trainer Brooke Siler (she’s worked with Kirsten Dunst, Liv Tyler, Madonna and more). She tells me in no uncertain terms that the biggest rumor about dropping pounds is “that simply not eating is an effective or even okay way to lose weight.”

If you’ve been led to believe otherwise, “just stop eating” is NOT the answer to weight loss (your body actually goes into shock and stores fat). Food is fuel, simple as that. A system without nutrients is not optimized for weight loss (or anything else). There’s hot body science going on here, ok? Trust the experts!

Wondering what to eat? Here are eight muscle foods on my blog!

Eat a damn sandwich & stay beautiful! {w}

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