FitnessBytes: Find your wolf pack!

In the next Twilight chapter, sexy wolf Alex Meraz says to expect: “More abs! Sprayed on abs, more grease to make the abs look better!” Mood killer: You don’t get into Wolf Pack shape by binging on Halloween candy.

The key to their success is male bonding, although probably not the super hot pornographic kind we’ve all been fantasizing about. “We’ve been progressively able to see the wolf pack,” Alex explains. The guys have been keeping tabs on each other by comparing body parts. “That’s what we always do, ‘Oh, your arms are getting a little bigger, your chest is getting bigger,'” Alex adds. “We totally always do that. It’s very macho, but fun.” One man’s macho is another’s homoerotic daydream. The point being is that a workout buddy is somebody you can track progress with, compare notes and show off your hard … work.

While I personally prefer the alluring vampire swagger (see shirtless celebrity blood suckers on my blog), good advice from a hot beast is always welcome!

Find your wolf pack & stay beautiful! {w}

Scary hot Halloween pics at BETTERby30

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