FitnessBytes: Take a catnap!

James Franco

We were all exhausted after this year’s Oscars. Just ask James Franco. This guy knows what I’m talking about.

James Franco

Pictured taking a “catnap” with his two cute kitties, the obvious health benefits are apparent; letting the body rest. Also pictured: the secret health benefits of pet ownership.

That’s right, animal friends are good for your health! Having a furry (or not so furry) friend has a very real effect on our health and well being. Did you know having a pet has been shown to improve blood pressure? Fact. Being a pet mommy or daddy can also lower cholesterol levels. (see even more benefits of pets on my blog). With so many abused and abandoned animals in need of adoption, why not check off your good deed for the year by taking one in … the added health benefits will be our little secret.

To stay Hollywood fit, take a catnap! *W*

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