FitnessBytes: There’s an app for that!

Taylor Lautner

Remember when Taylor Lautner went from skinny twink to muscle twink, you guys?

Taylor Lautner

Before and after pictures are the most dramatic way to illustrate a body makeover, but there are other ways that can really help along the way. One of the most common things people have told me about their gym routine is that they just sort of wing it like each new day is starting with a blank slate. Track each exercise by weight, repetitions, minutes and distance. Over time, increase all those measurements. See how far you can take it, you’ll be surprised at your own strength and stamina! (see more ways to track progress on my blog)

Don’t worry, you won’t look like a geek on the gym floor with a pad of paper and dorky pen. There’s an app for that (or several dozen). Track progress and soon you’ll be on your way to a Hollywood-approved body, just like our favorite Twilight twink! *W*

Hollywood Makeover: Hottest Loser?
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