four more idol hopefuls go home

good evening! it’s been a super busy day which included a dentist appointment (ugh) and picking up my parents at the airport – they just got back from hawaii and will be spending a few days here in LA before heading back to NY! as soon as my mom got in the car she immediately had to know who was booted from american idol this evening – first jason yeager left who was the main guy i was hoping would go home – he was just way cheesy and awful! then alaina whitaker was given the boot – i think unfairly – that annoying girl kady malloy should have left yet ms. whitaker i think made a mistake by singing ‘hopelessly devoted to you’ – i do love ‘grease’ but if i never heard it again – i wouldn’t miss it! out next was alexandrea lushington (great last name) who i really liked and was totally bummed about – i liked her whole peace out style! both girls out tonight looked visibly upset and with good reason – they should have stayed! the last one to go was robbie carrico – the whole wig scandal must have freaked people out – a confirmation of his suspected inauthenticity – he did have a certain rocker cuteness about him but i was spooked by the thought of him rockin’ a wig too! i’m so glad tomorrow is friday – it’s been a crazy week! popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo!

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