free paris hilton – no way!

oh man people (aka marketers) email me all the time about dumb ass stuff – you seriously wouldn’t believe the amount of emails i get about wanting me to post on this or that! you guys know me – i’m super picky and really only post about things i want to but i got a pitch this morning that gave me a good hardy laugh for – oh about a minute – free paris hilton t-shirts are makin’ the rounds! (the entire email is copied & pasted below for you to share in the stupidity) somebody has way too much time on their money makin’ hands – first to actually support ms. hilton – second making shirts & launching a website … oh man i hate to break it to them but ms. hilton will be starting her twenty-three day sentence on june 5th! somebody needs to make t-shirts that say jail paris or tar & feather paris – that’s more along the lines of something i’d actually wear & fully support! popbytes over & out for tonight … xxoo! (counting today – there’s only 15 days left until june 5th!)

PS it looks like one of their shirts sold out – they probably only made one of ’em!

free paris shirts were created in an effort to support paris hilton with style! thousands of signatures have been received on petitions worldwide, but who is reading them? free paris shirts get people talking and thinking about the beloved heiress. wear your support on your chest and show your love for paris in style.

we find the number of people who are blindly in favor of the sentencing handed down to paris hilton disturbing. a large percentage of the population quips “she deserves it” without having been in the court room. the judge received a standing ovation when he attended church the next morning. millions of people across the world shrieked in delight over her misfortune. when did it become acceptable for public or personal opinions to sway the decision of a judge? thousands of people stand around the break room drinking coffee giddy at the irony of paris hilton going to prison. why? jealousy. hatred. distaste. yet they all still talk about her.

is locking her up really justified? absolutely not. paris hilton is hardly a threat to society. we don’t believe she is above the law or punishment, but this is clearly a case of bias on the part of the judge. the sentencing was not only overly strict, but unnecessarily cruel. and why? because she is paris hilton. whether you love her or love to hate her, you can’t deny her appeal.

if you would like to support paris, we would be happy to send you a shirt for yourself and/or a contest for your site. please send us your sizing and contact details at your earliest convenience.

free paris…from the media, from public persecution, from an outrageous sentencing, from herself?

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