clooney & zellweger do W together!

good evening! below you’ll find the latest cover of W magazine (dec ’07 issue on sale nov 23rd) featuring george clooney & renée zellweger to help start promoting the film leatherheads (here’s a link to a ton more info on the film releasing this coming spring) which i believe will be the first time they’ve been on screen together – mr. clooney also directs! i really admire them both – he’s sexy as hell – and she’s an excellent actress – i’ve mentioned nurse betty on here before – i love it – if you haven’t seen it – you must! (they would also make for a cute couple) there’s also a few choice quotes from their interview with the magazine posted below! right now i’m totally enjoying my friday evening – tomorrow night i’m going to see evanescence at the greek theatre – i’m really stoked – i adore ’em and lead singer amy lee rules! popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo!

george clooney

on borrowing shots from directors he admires

i sent apology letters to mike nichols and sidney lumet after confessions because i just directly stole shots. but then i told joel and ethan that i’ve stolen shots from them, and they’re like, ‘yeah, we stole that shot from capra.’

on directing zellweger in leatherheads

she’s my friend, so i can be really direct. i can say, ‘that’s not a good angle,’ and not try to manipulate her, saying, ‘well, maybe you’d be looking off over there because the moon is shining.’

on working with master directors like joel and ethan coen and steven soderbergh

[they] taught me everything i know. if you plan it out and work really hard, then it’s much easier to make films.

renée zellweger

on her fear of letting clooney down in leatherheads

…he doesn’t even know how important his opinion has been to me over the years. i don’t want to disappoint him.

on clooney’s direction in leatherheads

i just get so proud that my head pops off. george is such a confident director, and he has no idea. and he’s a nice person. it gets boring hearing that, but it’s true. every once in a while you get the real good guy. you’ve got your jimmy stewart. you’ve got your paul newman. now you’ve got your george clooney.

on gawker encouraging readers to post stars’ precise whereabouts

oh, i log on every day to see where george is. oh my god, get your things! he’s at barneys!…the problem with that is with his schedule these days, the sightings were all true. he was in all 6,000 places that morning – before lunch.


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