oh it’s monday people! working 9 to 5 (actually it’s more like 9 to 6…) who can deal – who can bear it? anyways last week’s monday .mp3 was a smashing success – people really seemed to enjoy the toss back to ms. sinead so since it’s been a bit slow in new music releases right now – i wanted to bring back another person who i just adored back in the day (i am trying to switch off each week between male & female artists) – mr. matthew sweet – his 1991 album girlfriend was one of my favorite albums as a teen which did include having a major crush on him! (also my good friend SH (,cin) used to work with him closely when she lived in LA – steph – please come visit! i need you!) – i especially love the ‘title track’ which is being offered up below along with my second favorite track from the album ‘i’ve been waiting’ – so please try to get through this day – and no worries i will be back tonight for my latest round of pop whatevers – check you all laters – much xxoo to everyone :)

» listen to matthew sweet’s girlfriend LINK REMOVED

» listen to matthew sweet’s i’ve been waiting LINK REMOVED

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