Gisele Bündchen – chillin’ in Beantown!

oh my word – this is my second completely random celebrity sighting in boston (the first was adam levine from maroon 5) i was having a light lunch at cafeteria on newbury street while on break from the design conference – and this tall woman walks in and i’m thinking to myself she kind of looks like brazilian supermodel gisele bündchen – so i turn to my pal joey and i was like ‘she totally looks like gisele’ – then joey quickly exclaimed ‘it is gisele!’ she sat down right next to us along w/ her girlfriend (there was no sign of her footballer boyfriend tom brady) we were almost done with lunch so as we left – i politely asked her to take a picture with me – of course i mentioned popbytes and left her my card – although she was semi-reluctant at first she quickly folded and tossed up the peace sign as joey snapped our picture (neither one of us had our real camera but the cellphone picture below came out fairly decent) i’m not sure why she’s in boston but i heard her say she just got here – she was quite gorgeous in person (wearing minimal makeup) but girlfriend wanted to make sure the picture came out ok – gisele mentioned the lighting in the restaurant wasn’t the best but i think she looks pretty freakin’ hot under any lighting – oh this little sighting totally made my day! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo

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