‘Glee’ is taking on Adele and Lykke Li …

Adele and Lykke Li

So the good/bad news is that Glee is coming back for the final stretch of its second season next week, and I continue to go back to it against my better judgment because dammit, those highs are just so damn high. Anyway, Ryan Murphy is apparently taking this episode to personally hurt me, because not only are they covering Lykke Li‘s INSANELY awesome I Follow Rivers, but they’re bringing back Gwyneth Paltrow to ruin another great song, Adele‘s Turning Tables. Oh Mr. Murphy, you heartless bastard.

Good news Gleeks: Not only is Gwyneth Paltrow back next week on Glee as ‘Holly Holliday’, but a Fox spokesperson confirms she’s also covering Turning Tables from Adele’s awesome new album, 21. It’s a veritable Gwyneth-palooza in terms of music news, with this latest nuggest coming on the heels of her Over the Rainbow duet with Matthew Morrison premiering tomorrow on iTunes. While we sadly don’t have Gwyneth’s Glee version yet, here’s the similarly fabulous Adele performing her track … SOURCE

No! Bad Ryan Murphy, bad! Look, the kids on Glee are talented as shit, and I think that at its best, the show’s ambition really does make it one of the best shows on TV, but Lykke Li? Adele? Off limits, Murphy. Glee is supposed to cover Top 40 songs and the oldies; the stuff that isn’t sacred. But when you start covering the beloved songs? Nuh-uh, that’s a deal-breaker ladies. Stick with Journey and a capella Katy Perry covers, but stay away from bluesy European sensations, kapish?

Adele and Lykke Li

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