god or the girl

hey everybody! i wanted to post earlier but i wasn’t feeling so hot this morning and to boot my internet was down but all seems to be up & running normally – so this afternoon while relaxing on the couch i caught this show called god or the girl over on A&E – i hadn’t heard even a stitch of anything on this show – so i was all what is this show? it turns out to be a five-part ‘reality’ show that follows four young men and focuses on their decision to enter the priesthood or not…i was like oh my gosh – i can’t even believe there is a show about this! and why didn’t i hear about this until now?

it all seemed really crazy to me a first but i somehow managed to watch two episodes in a row – and the finale airs tonight at 10pm! oh i was instantly hooked – it was really interesting to see young men struggling with their faith and decision whether or not to enter the seminary – even though i am not a huge fan of the catholic church at all (i was raised catholic but do not practice it anymore) it was really neat to watch this story that had nothing to do with scandal for once – do you know what i mean? priesthood is certainly not my calling but i managed to gain bit more respect for people who do end up serving the church with their lives – i so wonder if we will ever see priests marry in our lifetime? anyways sorry to get all heavy on you but i just had to mention this show – popbytes over & out until tomorrow – oh who knows what craziness will go dowb this week?!? rock on pop my friends – xxoo!

They’re bright, All-American guys with ambition to spare, buddies to party with, even girls they might want to marry. But beneath the surface, they are in turmoil trying to decide whether they’re being called in an entirely different direction. GOD OR THE GIRL captures the tension, terror, and triumph of Joe, Mike, Steve, and Dan, four 20-something men at the most important crossroads of their lives, as, over the course of our series, they decide whether or not to enroll in the seminary and become Roman Catholic priests, or to find the love of a woman and settle down with a family. This is the ultimate struggle between the choice of two goods.

Always profoundly emotional, the choice whether or not to join the clergy, becomes even more fraught and difficult in the final weeks before the ultimate decision, which is where we join our subjects. As they reach this defining moment, they find that their friends and family no longer seem to understand them; their girlfriends cannot comprehend why they would choose a lifetime of celibacy; and the world and their own souls seem full of spiritual pitfalls. Can these young men resist the temptations of an aggressively secular world? Will they finally settle the doubt in their souls? And are they really willing to make the sacrifices necessary to become “Men of God?”

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