goodbye idol hopeful david hernandez

oh no! i was so bummed to see david hernandez get the boot on american idol tonight – i was convinced that kristy lee cook would go home tonight – she was the by far the worst last night with her awful rendition of eight days a week although i wasn’t a fan of mr. hernandez in the beginning he started to really grow on me plus he’s pretty cute! however i’m betting that all the stripper talk surrounding david probably ended up doing him in before his time! now we’re down to the final 11 – everyone is all about david archuleta who i do like but there’s something about his whole personality and vibe that is a complete turn-off! as far as other contestants are concerned…isn’t jason castro just downright adorable? his light blue eyes are gorgeous plus he seems so shy and genuine – i really like him! i’m also digging on brooke white – i loved seeing her play the piano last night while singing let it be yet it’s still anybody’s game! at least we’re finally down to just two nights a week – three was totally pushing it! popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo!


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