goodbye idol hopeful jason castro

hey hey! we’re now down to the top three on american idol as expected blue-eyed cutie stoner boy jason castro got the boot tonight – as much as i found him to be adorable – over the past few weeks he was seriously lacking (last night he forgot the words to ‘mr. tambourine man’) mr. castro should be super happy he actually made it to the top four! as for syesha mercado she has totally stepped up to the plate yet she’ll most likely be going home next week – although i’m still not all pumped up over this season – i will be voting hardcore for david cook to win this year’s idol title! he’s great and is way cuter these days (his hair is better plus he lost a little weight) then there’s david archuleta who just annoys me – he’s a kick-ass singer but he’s so damn boring and his whole ‘gee whiz’ vibe is freakin’ annoying but i fear he may win this year…at least this season will be wrapped up in two weeks time and then we’ve got so you think you can dance? which i became a big fan of last season! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo


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