Goodbye my Destiny’s Child

i know by this point this is old news – but in a recent concert in barcelona (spain) – those three hot hot hot ladies aka destiny’s child announced they are kaput at the end of their world tour – oh my – i’m so sad – we all saw it coming a mile away – i’m so glad they came back as promised for their third and now final album – destiny fufilled (i’m obsessed with the current single girl) – and it sure is now ‘destiny fufilled’ – i don’t care what anyone says – they have provided hit after hit of sheer booty – shake yr ass tunes – and what a set of pipes each possesses! they are amazing and will be so so so missed as a trio – but of course beyonce knowles will carry on to mega-stardom – and i do predict kelly rowland and michelle williams will do good too – i’m so sure of it – and i we can all forsee the inevitable destiny’s child reunion – much thanks and love to them – we will be watching you guys (note to all: don’t follow in the steps of diana ross…but popbytes so loves the diana factor) – popbytes shedding a small pop tear – xxoo… :+(

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