ok just going to do a bunch of small updates –

sundance was under full force – with DEMI and ASHTON – apparently this duo is planning on doing a remake of the graduate – ok you kids have fun – this should be a joke – also in park city – ms. paris was spotted AGAIN with nick carter!!! what is she doing with this guy?

american idol 3 premiered tonight – along with the anxiously anticipated new fox reality show – my big fat obnoxious fiancee – this could be REALLY good – OR REALLY bad – i will fill you kids in tomorrow on my thoughts…

i thought sex and the city last night was just OK – 5 more to go – when does big come back?? and give her that baby! im usually down on kids – but maybe carrie can be a mom – who knows??

just one more quick thought – i am so sick of MJ – i cant even bear to type his name for fear of seeing his name AGAIN – i just want this to be over – but i think we have not seen anything yet – apparently MJ is now making a TV commercial where he spouts more of his stupidity – thats how i feel – hes stupid – and has done a lot of stupid things –

and on a final fun note – im past the 500 mark this month – i may double last month! keep coming back – and send the links to friend and family!

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