ELLEN premiere went off without a hitch – Mrs. Brad Pitt was the first guest – who brought her a ‘welcome’ matt – and how much does she make per episode? i do like jen – she is actually decent – and if you havent seen THE OBJECT OF MY AFFECTION (we love Paul Rudd too) or THE GOOD GIRL – then check them out –


Ok for those of you who dont know me – i at one time LOVED lopez – now i despise her and her man – he will be so sorry one day – just you all wait – so their big day is coming (they arent so big for her anymore – just an ordinary day) and they are supposed to tie the knot (albeit very loosely) in Santa Barbara – AND get this – they may even marry in OPRAH’s montecito compund – ok now im pissed – oprah best not host THIS wedding – she will lose some points – and ellen may gain the upper hand in my viewing choices – i warned you oprah! jenny from the fucking block – GIVE ME A BREAK!!

One time i hated her – as i now hate JLO – but i saw Celine is OK – a real person – with a weird accent yes – but come on – i say celine is ok….

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