Greg the Bunny does David Lynch!

hey kids! how is everyone doing? well yesterday i tried to go see the fountain but right as i got to the ticket counter (at the arclight cinemas) it was sold out – i was so bummed (i should have bought my ticket in advance) but i figured i would go today or tomorrow!

i came home and discovered the constant gardner had arrived via netflix – which i decided to watch (plus like ‘the fountain’ it also stars rachel weisz who picked an oscar for her performance) and i absolutely loved it…very sad but romantic – it was great – shame on me for not seeing it sooner! but i really would like to see ‘the fountain’ since i’m a huge fan of director darren aronofsky (pi, requiem for a dream) often times i go see a movie just because of the director…

which leads me to another top filmmaker of mine…mr. david lynch who is the target of tonight’s greg the bunny spoof over on IFC! the episode is called ‘blue velveteen’ (so clever)! it’s a hilarious ‘felt’ romp – just seeing isabella rossellini as a puppet is priceless! plus it’s airing alongside lynch’s lost highway which is probably one of my least favorite films of his but i may give it a second spin if i have time – robert blake is so freakin’ creepy in that film! of course i love blue velvet but by far my favorite lynch creation is ms. laura palmer and that kooky town of twin peaks! so make sure to catch greg and his puppet pals tonight going all lynch on us! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

Blue Velveteen

Saturday, November 25 @ 9pm ET

(David Lynch tribute airing with Lynch’s Lost Highway)

Greg suspects Warren of murder and decides to use his boy detective skills to investigate. The night turns in to a wild ride through a David Lynchian world of red curtains, backwards talking and cherry pie.

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