grindhouse – i can’t wait!

hey kids! i bet everybody is full like me…i had an excellent feast with some family friends (it was quite warm here today) and managed to stay away from the computer for a few hours – i thought maybe i should bring my laptop but i figured i’d be back soon enough! i seriously can’t stay away for more than a few hours from popbytes! someone asked me the other day where i’d like to go on vacation…my reply was somewhere with internet access! yes i’m a little crazy & neurotic but that’s just me – take or leave it!

anyways i’m SO fucking stoked to see grindhouse (the teaser trailer is posted below) which lands in theaters on april 6th and is actually a double feature! (total running time 180 mins) the first film planet terror is directed by the stylish robert rodriguez and the second death proof is the work of quentin tarantino! both look super ’70’s’ outlandish & stylishly violent while being way over the top with the whole sassy exploitation vibe! any film that features rose mcgowan missing a leg with a machine gun in its place totally turns me on! it’s pretty obvious now which kind of directors i’m a fan of and both rodriguez & tarantino are two of the best! gosh i’ve done a lot of film posts recently – i think with the smell of the golden globes & oscar in the air – i can’t help myself! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

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