Gwyneth Paltrow compared herself to RuPaul?

RuPaul and Gwyneth Paltrow

RuPaul and Gwyneth Paltrow

In today’s “No, seriously, shut up Gwyneth Paltrow” news, the patron saint of GOOP decided to try her hand at being self-effacing, which as you might remember, usually ends with her being a douche. This time, Gwyneth decided to talk about how much makeup she had on, before saying that she looked like RuPaul and comparing herself to a transvestite. No, seriously, zip it Gwynnie. Via NY Daily News

“I’m like RuPaul!” she joked. “I have so much makeup on. Foundation! [At the Met Gala] I was literally a transvestite.”

In the words of Alyssa Edwards, BITCH, SIT YOUR ASS DOWN AND SHUT THE F**K UP BITCH! You wish you looked as good as RuPaul does. Where’s the hair? Where’s the makeup? Where’s the body? You thought you were being cute little “transvestite” comment, but until you can work it the way only RuPaul can, maybe take a couple seconds to think about who you throw shade at before you let it rip.

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