Gwyneth Paltrow likes weird stuff!

Gwyneth Paltrow

Because Gwyneth Paltrow is the queen of liking weird shit that no working class person could ever hope to afford, our lady of perpetual GOOP gave ELLE Decor magazine an interview about how she has bathtubs in her bedroom and “religion shelves”, which isn’t so much a piece of furniture as it is two words put together and willed into existence by white people. (Below is her complete short list of things Gwyneth just can’t live without.)

1. De Gournay Hand-Painted Wallpaper
I indulged with one wall in my London living room covered in a gorgeous pattern.

2. Seasonal Flowers
I like single-variety arrangements—peonies, hydrangeas, and white lilies—casually arranged.

3. Darren Almond’s Photography
His arresting, large-scale artwork brings a sense of majesty to a room.

4. Charles Edwards Star Lanterns
I hung three of these at different levels in the stair hall so that we could pass them on our way up to bed at night.

5. Antonio Lupi Baia Tub
It’s in the middle of my bedroom—perfect for a relaxing wind-down and for bathing the kids.

6. Juxtaposed: Religion Shelf
Built-in slots hold holy books—including the Qur’an, Bible, and Tao Te Ching—all at the same level (which is how I like to think about religion).

7. Clothbound Penguin Classics
These gorgeous editions make the books so tempting to pick up, again and again. The ultimate cure for sore muscles.

8. YUBZ Retro Handset
A handset cuts down on cellphone radiation. I use this one for my BlackBerry calls. SOURCE

No, seriously, who the hell has a bathtub in their bedroom? Is her house some sort of wacky backwards domicile where the bed is in the bathroom, the bath is in the bedroom and everyone must walk on a velcro ceiling? “It’s how we do it in Paris, dear,” she’ll say, as she swaddles her child in a suit made of tiny velcro hooks and throws him against the ceiling. “Do twenty ceiling-laps along the living room that is actually a dining room and we can all go take a bath in the bedroom.”

Gwyneth Paltrow

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