Harry Potter: The end starts now!

Harry Potter and Winnie The Pooh


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The day is finally here kids, the biggest movie franchise in history is finally coming to an end. The larger than life film series that explores the exploits and adventures of wizarding guru Harry Potter and his battle to defeat evil villain Voldemort through seven long years, is complete. Just yesterday midnight showings of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 across the nation sold out in what is expected to be the biggest blockbuster this summer, you might be clinically insane if you don’t go to see this, at least once. While I hold back tears I must give a shout out to this weekend’s other choices …

Winnie the Pooh is back with a vengeance, the revamped series is more of a retro throwback than anything, sporting similar artwork to the previous Pooh cinema entries. Though critics are hashing about the new voice talent the movie sports, this is still a solid picture, especially for children.

If you’re lucky enough to have a theater with limited release opportunities, look out for Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, an Asian drama that spans several decades, exploring themes of love, friendship, and hope. Also the documentary Tabloid, promises to be an intellectual’s delight.

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Harry Potter and Winnie The Pooh