harry potter’s goblet rocked!

gosh it was a late night last night – i walked in the door about 10:30pm from my screening of the new harry potter flick goblet of fire – i was mistaken though – it was not a big LA premiere – but just a regular ‘all-media’ screening – but i still had a lot of fun – although i will say i am not a fan of the westwood area here in los angeles – finding parking was a little drama – but it all turned out fine in the end…

the screening was packed to the brim – and like i mentioned before i am not a huge harry potter fan at all – but damn this movie was fun & action-packed – a little long but i barely noticed since it moved along at pretty fast pace – the special effects were phenomenal – and i caught onto the story fairly quickly even though i really know little about the whole potter history – and the audience seemed to really enjoy it – i think diehard potter fans will be very pleased with this 4th film in the series – and i do think that star daniel radcliffe will turn out to be a hottie when he gets older as long as he trims those bushy eyebrows and gets a new haircut – the film opens this friday in theaters and i am sure it will be a huge money maker for warner bros…and fans are going to be thrilled – anyways i am out for now…will be back later! xxoo

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