hayden panettiere is lucky (and overrated!)

good evening! below i’ve got heroes star hayden panettiere gracing the cover of lucky magazine‘s february ’08 issue! (due on stands this thursday jan 10th) for some reason she totally annoys me – i’m not a fan of her show – and she’s been so splashed all over the blogs way too much (she’s not even all that cute – she’s not horrible or anything like that but if i were straight i’d walk on by…) i really can’t place my finger on exactly what irks me about hayden (maybe it’s just because her last name is a total bitch to spell)

yet as much as she does annoy me – she is one lucky lady! finally ms. panettiere and her mega hottie co-star milo ventimiglia who happens to be twelve years her senior (girlfriend just turned legal like six months ago) are admitting to being a couple plus there has been some recent PDAs (oh my gosh – his last name is also a bitch to spell!) i seriously can’t see that relationship lasting very long – and now that she has gotten her first taste of hanging with ‘cool’ people as lindsay lohan over in italy (who she has in the recent past has sworn off…) she’ll be saying ‘milo shmilo’ before we know it! popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo!

PS a message to my pal candace – she pulled it off! go hillary clinton for taking new hampshire!

“right now my style is very frenetic,” says hayden panettiere. “it seriously changes as quickly as my mood.” the petite 18-year-old, who stars are the (literally) invincible cheerleader on the nbc hit ‘heroes’ – and will be seen later this year alongside julia roberts in the drama ‘fireflies in the garden’ – arrived at our l.a. photo shoot and immediately made a beeline for the shoes. before she’d even gone to hair and makeup, panettiere had tried on every single pair we’d brought – quite an accomplishment. “i’m kind of obsessive about really stunning heels,” she says. “i get excited even taking the elevator up to the shoe floor at bergdorf’s.”

hayden panettiere is at a point in her life when she’s transitioning from jeans-and-flip-flops teenager to glamorous hollywood actress. “i’ve only recently been able to try out a bunch of different styles without feeling like i’m dressing beyond my age,” says the heroes star. “on the show, i spend most of my time in a cheerleading uniform, so in real life i like to have a lot more fun with my clothes.”


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