CINDY – A SWANthats what adorable beyond words – dakota fanning – told jay leno when asked about president clinton’s visit to the set of her movie MAN ON FIRE (sounds like this could be really good – and i do love denzel) – this was hysterical – of course bill clinton wanted to meet her mom – oh jay was beside himself on this one – and i will say for just being ten – this girl handles herself better than most of hollywood – and shes super talented as well – will be interesting to see if she can make the all important transformation from child actor to actor – a la jodie foster – not adam rich (you know the guy from EIGHT IS ENOUGH!)

oh THE SWAN carried on last night – i guess i am vain – but this show is sooooo good! and last night they actually had someone who really needed the plastic surgery – i mean they all need it – who doesnt – come on a tuck here – a nip there – is it hurting anyone (at 28 i remain ‘surgery’ free – for now and the near future!) – i digress – this chick looked 1000x better – i mean whos to say what beauty is – but FOX does a great job at that! i cannot wait for the pagent!

getting ready to sit me down for my weekly dose of major hottie ryan seacrest – and AMERICAN IDOL – and then my friend lisa will call after (from the east coast) and we will dish like the bitches we are! i use the term bitch a lot – but it has a complete positive connotation for me! but oh woe is me – its barry manilow night – cut my heart out – i cant deal – so not a manilow fan – but i can sit thru it – i just HOPE that redhead doesnt do copacabana – or i think me will leave the room!

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