heather locklear & jack wagner: destiny?!?

good evening everyone! so how super hot would it be if longtime friends & colleagues heather locklear and cutie jack wagner ended up together?!? this week’s STAR magazine is calling it ‘destiny’ – i wouldn’t go overboard with saying their romance is ‘written in the stars’ but i do think they’d make an excellent couple and – damn they both still look great!

oh my gosh – thinking back on melrose place makes me feel warm & fuzzy inside (i know some of you must feel the same way) that show started off on a lame note but damn right around when ‘kimberly’ (played by marcia cross) came back from the dead (end of the 2nd season) and took off her wig revealing those nasty scars – oh my word – one of the best moments in television – ever! (the clip is posted below) we’ll certainly be keeping an eye on heather & jack – and denise richards needs to stay far away – i still think she’s a total loser! popbytes over & out for tonight – anyone else stoked tomorrow is friday?!?

heather split from her husband of 12 years, bon jovi guitarist richie sambora, in december 2005; their divorce was finalized on april 11. meanwhile, jack has been separated from his wife, soap star kristina wagner, since they filed for divorce in 2005. as singles, heather and jack reconnected and “began pouring out their hearts to each other,” adds another friend.

although heather had been seeing funnyman david spade, 42, on and off friend. since her marriage imploded, her bond with jack became stronger, says the friend. “in january, jack finally said, ‘we’re lonely – how about a movie?’ the relationship has been building since then.”

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