Heather Morris has alleged nude pics too!

Heather Morris

After the web was blessed with the double whammy of Christina Hendricks‘ and Olivia Munn‘s alleged-but-probably-fake nude pictures last week, there was apparently just enough miracle left over for one more go around, which is why there are now alleged nude photos of Heather Morris, who some of you might remember as one of the last reasons to still watch Glee at this point, because it sure as hell isn’t for that Finn/Rachel ridiculous marriage storyline. The Daily Mail reports:

A series of pictures which seem to be of the 25-year-old actress were leaked yesterday. One shot shows Heather, who plays Brittany S. Pierce in the hit US TV show, donning her Slave 4 U outfit from the Britney Spears episode of Glee, while another shows her wearing a black bikini top and miniskirt. Other shots, however, are slightly more intimate, showing a woman who looks a lot like Heather baring her naked body for the camera. It remains to be seen what Heather says about the leaked photographs, although she has posed for nude pictures in the past before she shot to fame on Glee.

Say what you will, but nude pictures leaking really can’t be any more embarrassing or damaging to your career than, say, getting stuck in a terrible student-teacher sexual relationship plotline. Isn’t that right Mark Salling? See? This is why you should have just released pictures of your dick. Now you’re forever going to be known as “that talented guy who banged Idina Menzel in the worst storyline ever.” Yes, any post that’s even tangentially related to Glee will devolve into me criticizing Ryan Murphy for his shitty story arcs.

Heather Morris


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