Help save Ke$ha from Dr. Luke!

Ke$ha and Dr. Luke

Ke$ha and Dr. Luke

It’s time to take to the streets, pop music lovers! A petition to save pop star Ke$ha from the nefarious mega-hit producer Dr. Luke has recently hit the web, and I can’t think of a cause more important!

Who’s Dr. Luke you ask? He’s the man who made her famous, of course! From “TiK ToK” to “Die Young,” he’s had a hand in crafting some of her biggest hits (along with everyone else’s), but the ‘Animals’ have had enough. According to the (melo)dramatic petition, Dr. Luke is controlling Ke$ha like a puppet, feeding her what she doesn’t want and her creativity is dwindling. It goes on to state, “Ke$ha makes it clear that her producer, Dr. Luke, is stunting her from growing as an artist by making her sing the same generic, predictable, recycled, pop song.”

Although I really do respect all that Dr. Luke’s done for pop, I can’t help but agree somewhat. I’ve always thought Ke$ha is better than anyone gives her credit for. It was a shame that her criminally-underrated sophomore effort Warrior tanked like it did, and if Ke$ha (who signed a contract to make eight albums with him) needs to split from Dr. Luke to realize her true “cock rock” potential, then so be it. If Ke$ha’s going to fail – fine – but I’d rather it be on her own terms, rather than someone else’s.

So, who’s with me?! Sign the petition here.