hey kids! here is some lunchtime fun! many thanks to a popbytes reader who sent this to my attention today and i knew i had to post it – enjoy! oh that tawny kitaen – she should go hang out with george michael – they would be perfect pals! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

long time popbytes listener, first time caller…so the season finale of surreal life 6 was on last night and tawny kitaen capped a sloppy season with a total drugged out naked slurring meltdown…
thank god they had her because the rest of the cast were too vanilla, even
alexis arquette came off looking like a tranny saint.

anyway, i was supposed to be editing a comp reel of bites from the show
but we ended up burning editing time waiting for shit, so we entertained
ourselves by making a video juxtaposing tawny kitaen in all of her 80’s
glory against what a flaming hag she is today. it’s amazing when you
consider she and tom hanks were in bachelor party together – it’s actually
kind of hard to tell her apart now from the drug munching party mule.

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